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Plot Synopsis

A meddlesome time traveler has accidentally altered Equestria's Past. The greatest evil of a forgotten age was allowed to escape from certain defeat at the hooves of Ancient Equestria's greatest heroes, the Elements of Harmony, and into the present. Now it is up to you the new generation of elements to defeat the forces of Discord, to restore order to the lands, and to set right the very course of history itself.

The Story at Length

We join Dr. Whoof and his plucky young assistant, Derpy Hooves, in the TARDIS en route to another Adventure. Dr. Whoof is busy piloting his craft as Derpy asks, "Where are we going this time Doctor?"

"Ever heard of the Elements of Harmony, Derpy?" He asks her without looking away from his flashing console.

"No, what are they?" she asks playing along. Derpy knows he would tell her about them even if she did.

"Not what my dear assistant, who. Who were they," the Doctor corrects Derpy as he throws a lever and the TARDIS jerks hard to the left. He pulls a square knob to his right on the control panel and its flight stabilizes once more. "Answer, ancient warriors who fought one of Equestria's most perilous and important historical battles prevailed." Derpy rolls her eyes in typical derp fashion. She knows where this conversation is heading, but continues to play along, "and who, pray-tell, were they fighting against?"

"The darkest of evils, princess Celestia's sister," he says as dramatically as possible.

"What? You mean princess Luna? I'd hardly call her evil doctor," Derpy says mildly bemused at the very idea, "a bit of an attention seeker, but evil?"

"Right, well, you say that now, but back then she was known as Nightmare Moon (NMM), bringer of the endless night."

"No," Derpy feigns shock, "you don't say."

"Oh yes, it was only through her defeat at the hooves of the six brave elementals and the power of their friendship that she was able to renounce her naughty ways thus becoming the Luna you know and love today." Derpy thinks on that for about two seconds then says, "this is all very nice and that's a fascinating story Doctor, but does it have a point?"

"Does it have a point!" the Doctor guffaws in ridicule, "Does it have a point she asks me. My dear, I thought you wanted to know where we are going." Derpy's head reels as the puzzle pieces come together in her mind, "But Doctor, surely we aren't going to some stuffy old battle field." He gives her a look that say this is exactly what he means. Feeling a bit drained and defeated, she asks once more, "are you absolutely sure it is a good idea to enter a battlefield during a war like this?"

"Oh come now Derpy," he says, his hoof resting on the rematerialization button, "we'll just observe from a distance." Dr. Whoof presses the button and his TARDIS rematerializes.

Meanwhile, at the ruins of the castle of the ancient a battle rages on. "You see NMM, when those elements are ignited by the spark that resides in the heart of us all it creates the sixth element, the element, of Magic!" As Twilight Sparkle (TS) recites these words, magic necklaces form on each of the elemental ponies. Their powers shoot forth from the foci attached to their necklaces and combine around TS causing her to transform into the overly buff and muscular Captain Pony as she bursts through the roof saying "by your powers combined I am Captain Pony!"

"Go Pony!" a cry calls out from her group of friends. Later, no pony would admit to being the one who cheered this cheer.

Anyways, captain pony summons forth the total power of the Elements of Harmony to form a gigantic rainbow all the way across the sky. "Looks like you need a time out princess," TS says as she redirects the ultimate rainbow of power towards NMM, "another thousand years of banishment ought to be plenty of time to cool your heels." Just as the rainbow is about to strike Luna a blue policebox materializes directly in it's path. The door opens and out steps Doctor Whoof.

"We'll just observe from a distance," he can beheard saying as the doors of his TARDIS open, "It's perfectly safe out HERE-AAH." With his last words spoken, Captain Pony's rainbow of power wraps itself around him and banishes him to the moon for 1000 years. Without his TARDIS to aid in his escape.


Derpy shouts in horror as the Doctor vaporizes right before her derpy eyes. She rushes outside and the scene looks even worse. Captain Pony has used up all her energy and the other elementals are now down for the count. A realatively unscathed NMM steps forward and stares Derpy down. The intimidated and bereaved assistant puts up no resistance as NMM brushes her aside and steps into the TARDIS closing the door behind her and laughing manically. Red light pours out of the windows and TARDIS door cracks. The engines whir to life and the sound of the universe appears to be laughing sinisterly along with NMM. And with that she vanishes into the mists of time. Who knows where or when she'll pop up next.

Character Bio Submission Format

Please use the bio submission format to post your character bio sheet in the discussion thread. Approved character bios will be collected and added to the Charaters section of this wiki entry below.

Pony Name:


Cutie Mark: (symbol on flank. Represents what make your pony unique.)

Appearance: (bonus if picture provided. A useful tool is this pony creator)

Friendship element: (Note- does not have to be an ‘official’ element.)

Grade: (All will be freshmen unless good reason is given and accepted)

Fluff/History: (things like academic performance, home life, sports, afterschool activities, likes, dislikes etc. are nice)

Location Tags

Starting location: Ponyville High

Ponyville High has the following standard locations:

  • caf- Cafeteria
  • crr- Colt Restroom
  • den- Detention
  • eng- English Classroom
  • frr- Filly Restroom
  • gym- Gym Classroom
  • hal- Hallway
  • mat- Math Classroom
  • off- Offices
  • out- Outside on the ground
  • sci- Science Classroom
  • sky- Outside in the sky

Use the three letter location tag at the beginning of your text to identify where you are. If you are moving from one location to another use the syntax loc1->loc2-

Example: [somepony] eng->hal- "Come on lets get out of here" Rosely yells as she pushes ShortStuff into the hall.

Player Characters List

Recurring Non-Player Characters List

IRC Channel information


Channel: #ponyville

So now that you know where it is, how do you join in? There are lots of IRC programs available, but a simple and free one is called Trillian. It can be downloaded here:

Here's how to get to #ponyville using Trillian:

Getting the IRC Add-in

Trillian > Preferences > Customizations > Plug-ins > choose IRC.

Adding an IRC account

Trillian > Manage Accounts > Add a new account > IRC

For Account Name input whatever you want this account to be called by Trillian.

For Nickname input the name you want to show up as in the chat.

For Serverhost input

Click connect once the above information has been input.

Connecting your account to #ponyville

At the top of the Trillian main screen next to your username is now a button with the IRC symbol (as seen on the Plug-in screen from earlier).

Click the IRC button.

A menu opens up scroll down to the account name you created earlier.

A submenu opens. Select Join a Channel from the sub menu.

For Roomtitle input #ponyville.

Alternate Programs such as mIRC, or Firefox add-in ChatZilla:

Step 1: open the program

Step 2: input /server

Step 3: input /join #ponyville

Thread Logs

Once the RP starts, each weekday at approximately 7PM CST, the channel topic will change to reflect a major RP event. Chat logs will be posted here once daily every weekday. Page titles will reflect that day's topic.

I will keep my account logged into the channel to record the chat then once daily I will post the chat log into an RP thread Here. If my internet connection happens to drop out and you notice I have left the channel, please post your log of the days event to the discussion thread.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust/HASBRO

Doctor Who (c) the BBC

Captain Planet (c) 1990 Program TBS Productions, Inc. and DIC Enterprises, Inc.

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